Google App Engine

I wrote a small pet-project this weekend based on Java in Google App Engine.

It’s a single-page web app that helps you use directory services (like white and yellow pages) in different countries. Ever needed to search for people in different countries? Hard to find which directory service to use? Well, this app solves that problem for you by knowing the best services and providing you with a single form to use, regardless of which back-end site will provide you with the search result.

I havn’t quite named it yet. It started out with the sexy name “Reverse Phone Lookup”, but since most sites now allow searching for name or phone in the same field, that name was not really appropriate. It now has the totally generic and boring header: Global Directory Search. Yuck. Oh, well. You can reach the app at the following URL:

The source code is available at GitHub if you’d like to write some request, or contribute!